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Land for sale in Runda: Runda Land Buyers Guide

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Land for sale in Runda: Runda Land Buyers Guide

Buying land in Runda is a great investment opportunity. Our buyer’s guide will help you understand what you should be looking for when searching for land in Runda.

Where is Runda Located?

Runda is a leafy, affluent suburb located in the northern part of Nairobi bordering Kiambu county. The area has excellent schools, shopping centers, fabulous restaurants, and other recreational facilities. It has the best infrastructures in Nairobi, making it one of Kenya’s finest places to live.
It has experienced growth due to its strategic location, making it accessible for businesses and individuals looking for land sales in Runda.

Runda is one of the most sought-after real estate locations.

Runda estate is one of the most sought-after real estate locations. The neighborhood is exclusive and comprises high-end properties, with many expatriates and wealthy Kenyans living in this area. The Runda community design ensures that you have your privacy protected and all your needs met.

The area is divided into streets, giving homeowners a sense of ownership over their block or lane within the community.
Runda offers you a well-planned environment with plenty of green areas where you can walk or jog around in your free time. Runda is among the few walkable neighborhoods in Nairobi.

The suburb is adjacent to neighboring suburbs. 

The suburb is adjacent to Kitusuru, Gigiri, Ridgeways, and Muthaiga. It has developed from a coffee plantation to one of Nairobi’s largest gated community neighborhoods. Runda estate continues to grow in population, owing to its proximity to theUS embassy and United Nations complex, which boasts some of Nairobi’s best schools for both children and adults alike.

The neighborhood has many benefits:

  • Proximity to some of Nairobi’s best schools, like Sabis International.
  • Proximity to the United Nations complex (UN) grounds, the US Embassy, and others.
  • It’s a well-planned neighborhood with high-end properties, owned mainly by expatriates and wealthy Kenyans.
  • It’s a gated neighborhood surrounded by other up-market communities.
  • One of the most secure neighborhoods in Nairobi.

Land for Sale in Runda

Because of its unique features, red soil, 1727 above sea level on the high side and 1690 to the lower, land for sale in Runda is expensive compared to other neighborhoods in Nairobi. As an upscale community, Runda residents are mainly homeowners and few renters.
Land for sale in Runda is a scarce commodity, and the land is divided into smaller plots. A plot for sale in Runda can range from thirty million (Ksh 30,000,000), moving upwards with some areas completely sold out.

Runda Land Buyer’s Guide
  1. Get a registered agent who is well versed in the Runda area and knows the area very well.
  2. You should know which areas have land for sale in Runda and their prices.
  3. Head there and view the land, probably accompanied by your agent, during the rainy season to ensure are is free from flood.
  4. Get a surveyor to survey the land and ensure you are not buying public land.
  5. Negotiate the price.
  6. Apart from the estate agent, you also need a lawyer who can double-check if the title deed is valid and oversee the buying process.

Land for sale in Runda

The Best Area to invest in land for sale in Nairobi, Kenya

Runda is a stable and secure neighborhood with well-planned streets, lush vegetation, and high-end properties. It is also close to the CBD (Central Business District), Nairobi’s financial hub. In addition to its proximity to work and shopping opportunities, Runda has many other amenities nearby, such as schools and hospitals.

It is one of the best areas for land investments in Nairobi, Kenya. The locality has more than just security and comfort going for it. It’s well-planned, quiet, and home to high-end properties such as villas, some serving as B&B, and several ambassadorial residences.

Runda is close to the United Nations, and the US Embassy has several embassies and consulates located in Runda. 

Can foreigners own land in Kenya?

Yes, a foreigner or non-citizen can own land or property in Kenya with the rights and protection a citizen enjoys. Many foreign investors have been told or duped in the name of foreign investors who cannot own land in Kenya.

The only difference between a foreigner owning property or land and a citizen is the tenure they hold. Foreigners own land through leases, which can go for 99 years with a renewable exemption of 99 years. You may need to pay land rates or freehold land.

If you’re looking for land for sale in Runda, whether for residential or commercial purposes, The Hut Property Managers can help. As some of the leading land agents in Runda and with years of experience selling large plots of land in this area, we understand what buyers are looking for and how to match them with the right property. If you’re ready to discuss your needs with a friendly team, get in touch and arrange your free consultation today.




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