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Kiambu road Estates

Real Estate

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Kiambu road Estates

 Muthaiga Estate  is for the wealthy and High-ranking global citizens- no Public transport zone  

Muthaiga is an affluent neighborhood, the residence of some of Kenya’s previous heads of state are found here,  located north of Nairobi’s central business district. It’s a residential neighborhood with homes on an acre and above built on strict neighborhood guidelines set by the first British settlers in Kenya.

Muthaiga is surrounded by greenly lush Karura forest to the north, with roads like Limuru road to the south, Thika Super Highway, and Kiambu Road are on the east.

Houses in Muthaiga are single-family homes with a wide range of construction designs, including Victorian colonial, ambassadorial, and ultra-modern designs fitted with ultra-modern home-automation systems. Homes in this area have a swimming pool, guest house, Sq, and a sizeable well-manicured garden. Rental houses in Muthaiga can go as high as Kshs 1m, an acre is Kshs 200m

Muthaiga prides itself on character and charm from strict rules that are religiously followed by its residents, making it the best sedate suburb in Nairobi.

It is near some commercial areas like Gigiri, which houses United Nations offices, the USA embassy, and numerous embassies and high commissions, thus attracting diplomats.

What Makes Muthaiga Unique?

Muthaiga mini market

One unique thing about living in Muthaiga is that you get out of the chaos of the city. However, you remain close to high-end shopping malls, gourmet restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and local and international schools.

Muthaiga golf club is within the estate with an 18-hole home to many residents. The Golf Club was founded in 1920, ran through Karura, and is considered among the best in the region.

Nairobi Museum is a few minutes’ drives from Muthaiga, where you can enjoy running history with some of the oldest, most unique, and rarest fossils. A family day at Nairobi National Park is 30 minutes drive away.

With the new Expressway Road, it will take you less than half an hour to drive from Muthaiga to Kenyatta International Airport just in time for your flight.

Despite Muthaiga being premonitory residential, there are a few embassies like the Embassy of Austria, the Embassy of DRC, and the Embassy of Belgium.

Gigiri and Runda

The center of the united nations headquarters and united states embassy and many other embassies are found in Gigiri. Within Gigiri you will find many UN agencies and organs offices. This makes the housing demand very high. A one-stop place to live and work housing big 5-star hotels as well as some of the biggest shopping malls in Nairobi the village market, Roslyn Rivers, and two rivers.

Whispers Estate is the closest to Gigiri, Runda provides different types of housing, stand-alone as well gated community homes. Rent ranges between Kshs 200,000 to 600,000.  Within Gigiri the is also a lot of short-stay accommodations available for those who are on short contracts

Muthaiga North- CID headquarters

Muthaiga North houses Balozi estate, one of the most popular and affordable estates. If you want cheap, decent houses, Muthaiga North is your best area to find homes for rent or sale.

Enjoy urban living with amenities with an indoor park within the estate that offers various activities ideal for families. You also enjoy retail spaces for the resident providing multiple goods and your doorstep.

What Makes It Unique

Muthaiga North is accessible to various parts of Nairobi and the city center. You can easily commute to Gigiri, Runda, Thika, Kiambu, and the city center by driving, bus and taxi.

There are various malls like garden city malls and various malls where you can shop, dine and enjoy multiple games.

You are spoilt for choice when enrolling your child to school from local schools like St Mary and international schools like Rosslyn Academy, International school among others. Muthaiga North offers a Serene green environment to its residents.

Security in Muthaiga is stringent, with every home having its security system of CCTV surveillance, security alarms, and electric fence. The estate also has protection from various security firms and street lights throughout the estate.

Ridgeways-Ridgeway’s mall

Ridgeways is a middle-class residential community located along Kiambu road northwest of Nairobi. Feeding the housing demand at the United Nations Headquarters Gigiri. It’s about 10km from the Nairobi city center and borders New Runda and Thindigua with an elevation of 1663 meters above sea level.

It will take approximately 20 minutes to drive from the city center to Ridgeways, although it may take longer during rush hours. You can access Ridgeways by taking a bus or taxi.

Ridgeways is easily accessible from different parts of Nairobi, either through Thika Highway or Limuru Road from Westlands, depending on your location.

Types of Houses found in Ridgeways.


Unlike Muthaiga, where there are no apartments, Ridgeways has different types of houses depending on your preference and budget. You will find both properties for sale and rentals, with most ranging from 2–5 bedrooms. the surrounding estates bring a variety of properties that provides for the upper, middle, and upper lower class. for example, Fourways Junction Estate at the Bypass to Windsor has 3-bedroom apartments renting at Kshs 65,000 and two-bedroom apartments and 50,000. within Garden estate and Kigwa Ridge, the rents are as high as Runda in some cases higher.

You can choose the type of house from apartments, townhouses, duplexes, maisonnette, semi-detached homes, bungalows, detached homes, and villas. Some homes are on their compound, while others are in a gated community.

What Makes Ridgeways

Ridgeways allows you to choose the type of house you want according to your needs and budget. Regardless of where you decide to live, you can enjoy various amenities like a swimming pool, parking area, play area, backup generator, and borehole.

The houses here are modern and include a clubhouse, jogging track, gym, and gymnasium.

Ridgeways is home to the famous mall, which houses various retail shops, restaurants, and games. You can shop at retail shops like Chandramana Food Plus, Naivas Supermarket, House of Leather and Gifts, Think Kitchen and Accessories Limited, and Ambrosia food market.

Several malls, like Ciara mall and Kiambu mall, are within walking distance to spice up your shopping.

You Get everything you need here: schools, garages, hospitals, hotels, spas, salons, and any need you may have.

The Internet is stable here, with various providers catering to your needs—a perfect place for anyone who works from home.

Why Move to Ridgeways?

Ridgeways is ideal for anyone looking to invest in a house or move to a quiet neighborhood but still very close to the Central Business District. It offers low housing costs with proximity to the Nairobi city center.

A higher supply of residential properties needs to make the estate less populated and secure. It offers amenities ideal for young people, families, and the elderly. Moving from Ridgeways to other parts of Nairobi is convenient because it’s well connected with the Thika Superhighway, Limuru Road, and Kiambu Road.


Thindigua is an estate located on Kiambu road northern part of Ridgeways and Northwest of Nairobi. It’s about 10 km from Nairobi City center.

You can access Thindigua by using a personal car, taxi, or bus. It takes approximately 20–40 minutes to get to Thindigua from the city center, but it may take longer during rush hours.

Houses Found in Thindigua

There are multiple types of houses, from Contemporary homes, apartments, maisonettes, townhouses, and flats. Some places are in a gated community while others are on their compound—most houses in the neighborhood range from 2 bedroom to 6 bedroom.

Average Rental and Sale in Thindigua

Prices in Thindigua are very flexible and it’s easier to choose a house according to your budget and needs.

Houses for sale in Thindigua range from Ksh 9 million and above, depending on the type of house and amenities available.

Rental houses in Thindigua range from Ksh. Eighty thousand and above, depending o where you want to stay within the estate.

What makes Thindigua Unique


Location is the first thing everyone looking to own a house looks for, and Thindigua got the best location near the city center and Kiambu town. It’s easy to commute and connect with other parts of Nairobi through Thika, Kiambu, and Limuru.

Malls and Shopping complex

Living in Thindigua, you have everything you need at your doorstep from various malls in and near Thindigua. These are the Thindigua shopping complex, an elite shopping complex with various retail outlets like supermarkets, fashion stores, clubhouses, and restaurants.

Ridgeway’s mall is a stone’s throw away from Thindigua. The mall houses various retail stores, banks, tour and travel offices, restaurants, a garage, and a car wash.

The evergreen center hosts plenty of retail shops like butcheries, green groceries, and bakeries. Other shopping complex malls are Quick Mart, Ciara mall, and Ngengu Shopping Center, among others. All your shopping needs are well-catered for in Thindigua.


Thindigua is a safe neighborhood, with a good number of police posts and police cars patrolling the community daily. The gated estates have trained guards from top security firms in the country. Houses in this neighborhood also have electric fences, security alarms, CCTV cameras, and well-lit streets.


Most houses in Thindigua have high-speed lifts for the apartments, shared parking areas, a children’s playground, backup power, a swimming pool, and a clubhouse.

There are local private and international schools, both lower and higher, while universities are just a mile away. You will receive the best healthcare from various private and public hospitals in the area.

India is an exclusive boutique estate in Runda and can be accessed from Runda or Kiambu road. It occupies 10.5 acres of land with the best modern house designs. The estate is designed to give residents the privacy they need while living in a thriving community.

Houses at Ineza Kiambu Rd

Ineza is an exclusive boutique estate in Runda and can be accessed from Runda or Kiambu road. It occupies 10.5 acres of land with the best modern house designs. The estate is designed to give residents the privacy they need while living in a thriving community

Houses in this beautiful community are designed with a reimagined approach to urban design with a layout that has an interplay of a garden, secure amenities, and courtyards. The architecture of Ineza homes offers the perfect combination of architecture and nature.

Houses are designed with significance both indoors and outdoors. Homes have open-plan kitchens, spacious dining areas, and generous rooms to accommodate you and your family. Houses for sale in Ineza range from Ksh 21 million for a three-bedroom heading upwards.

What Makes Ineza Unique?


India is located in Runda and can be accessed through Kiambu and Limuru. It makes the perfect location if you work around Gigiri, the Westlands area, or the city center. You are connecting to other parts of Nairobi easily.


As an exclusive estate security well catered for by well-trained security guards from the best security firms in Kenya and a police post nearby, police patrol the area throughout.

Houses have security alarms to alert the owner in case of any security breach and a 24/7 CCTV camera with well light streets. Runda is a well-secure suburb because it hosts a number of embassies.


India is at the center of significant malls like Ridgeways through Kiambu road and Village Market along Limuru road. Numerous entertainment joints, hospitals, banks, and farmer’s markets exist.

Runda Horseshoe Village

Runda Horseshoe Village is a magnificent residential estate in the clean suburb of Runda. The estate has sixty-eight villas that are all up for rent in a gated community.

House in Rundahorse Village

There are three house designs: The Orchards, The Meadows, and The Willows. Each type of these house is designed to meet the needs of everyone looking to rent a home here.

The estate offers a clubhouse for its residents and families, a well-equipped gym, and a playground for children. There is also a sports court for badminton, tennis, and squash courts, solar power, and onsite technical facilities.

What Makes it Unique

The location of Rundahorse village is close to the city center, Gigiri, and major commercial areas like Westlands. Residents here enjoy a quiet and lush environment yet are close to major shopping malls and entertainment joints.

It is close to the neighborhood’s significant clubs like Windsor Golf and Muthaiga Golf Club.

Most neighborhoods in Kiambu road offer suburban amenities with affordable houses and impeccable security.


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