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Find Your Perfect Property Manager in Kenya and What to Look out for?

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Find Your Perfect Property Manager in Kenya and What to Look out for?

Are you looking to hire an experienced property manager in Kenya? Property management is a complex business involving many tasks. To effectively manage a property, you need someone with the requisite knowledge and experience. This article provides advice on what to look for to find your perfect property manager in Kenya.

What are the Duties of a Property Manager?

The owner delegates the property manager to manage the property by implementing routine tasks such as maintenance, rent collection, marketing the property, and tenant screening, among other things.

Find your Perfect Property Manager in Kenya

  1. Regular Maintenance

A good property manager will handle all the maintenance and upkeep of your property so that you can sit and relax back without any compromise on tour property value.

It includes:

  • Cleaning after the tenant vacates the furnished apartments
  • Plumbing
  • Appliance repair
  • mowing
  • Preventive maintenance and any other requirements a tenant may have
  1. Responsible for Tenants’ Satisfaction

Property Managers are responsible for ensuring that every tenant is satisfied with their stay on the property. They also ensure that any issues or concerns raised by tenants are addressed promptly.

  1. Screening of Applicants

A manager plays a significant role in finding the right tenants for your property. It includes advertising your property on various platforms, conducting background checks, and reference verification on potential tenants to determine if they will fit your property well.

  1. Collecting Rent

The manager is also responsible for collecting rent on behalf of the owner, ensuring all the tenants pay their rent on time. Late payments should be handled appropriately to ensure that you don’t lose money.

  1. Marketing Your Property

The manager should develop strategies that help market your property to attract new tenants whenever your current ones decide to move out. They should also have plans that ensure you get enough money from your investment by increasing rentals rates when necessary, depending on the market conditions.

Find your perfect Property Manager in Kenya

How to find your Perfect PropertyManager in Kenya

Using a property manager to manage your rental or sale property can be profitable if you choose the right property manager. Let’s go over the steps to finding a good one.

Establish Your Needs

Before looking for a property manager, think through what you need. It will make it easy to find a property manager who meets those needs easier. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I need someone to handle everything related to my property? Or is there something specific I’m looking for?

Do I have time to do things myself, such as showing property and collecting rent?

Can I afford a professional manager? How much can I spend on a property manager?

Find your perfect Property in kenya

Request Referrals

If you know anyone who has used a property manager in Kenya, ask them how they liked the service they received. Find out how often they had inspections on their properties and if they were happy with their work. Were they delighted with the work done on their properties? If you don’t know anyone who uses one, check online reviews from previous users. The most important thing is to talk to people who have used them before to understand better what kind of experience you will have with them.

Talk to the Managers Yourself

Call up each company on your shortlist and ask for an appointment to meet them face-to-face about managing your properties. You can choose from a small, medium-sized, or larger company to glimpse their difference.

Ask about fees and services at this meeting. You should feel like there is no obligation on either side by meeting with them or asking questions; that way, it’ll be easier for both parties if they decide not to work together after all. Ensure the fees and costs are clearly outlined.

Examine Them Online

Since the Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown, all businesses have gone online. The company you select must have a solid online presence, significantly if they will market your properties. Examine both the website and the social media pages, which are essential for advertisements.

Inquire whether they use property management software

When interviewing potential property managers, ask if they use property management software. Every property manager has a method of conducting business.Find Perfect Manager

The software simplifies property management because tenants can quickly pay their rent, request maintenance, and access a digital lease.


Because the position of a property manager is so crucial, it’s essential to hire someone with the right qualifications. The perfect property manager should have prior experience operating a real estate agency in Kenya. The ideal candidate should be registered and licensed as a real estate agent.

Furthermore, they must have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for managing properties. effective operation requires in-depth knowledge of legal issues, insurance matters, and safety concerns. A good property manager should be familiar with various property management software systems, particularly those designed to help Landlords track their costs, expenses, and profits.



































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